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December 17, 2009

When I was at the Denver Airport back in November I saw a sign similar to this one.

It reminded me of a bathroom I recently visited. Where if I had known people actually squatted like that I might have done it.

A few weeks ago Andrew had his football party at the Amazing Pizza Machine.  Dick and I were not going to wait around while Andrew played games for a couple hours.  While he played games we went to this shit hole of a bar that was on the same strip mall as the pizza place.  I don’t recall what the name of the bar was, but I think it was the Pheasant.  Dick and I were just sitting having a few drinks and out of no where…wham! I really, really had to go pee…I had to break the seal. And you know what happens once you break the seal… gotta go every five minutes.

I went to the bathroom and the very first thing I noticed was the stench…it smelled like pee and vomit. Trust me it was nasty.  I thought about turning around and walking out….except for the fact that I really, really had to pee.  I bit the bullet, held my breath and went into the furthest stall, I shut the door and did my thing, all the while making sure not to touch the seat with any part of my body.  Come to think of it I am surprised they had toilet paper.

When I was done doing my thing, I went to wash my hands and let me tell you I was scared. I was turning red from holding my breath for so long. I needed to breath, I covered my mouth with my shirt and exhaled.  The next thing I noticed was the sink, it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in months.  There was hair in the sink, water stains on the vanity, and the faucet and knobs where white with hard water stains.  It was gross! Luckly there was also papper towels, but no soap, go figure.

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  1. December 17, 2009 9:36 pm

    Oh… the good ‘ole Pheasant Tavern – they served me when I was a minor. It is a vile, disgusting place.

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