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October 2, 2009

quarry1Yesterday I played golf in the Security National Bank outing at Quarry Oaks. The format was a four man shamble. I’ve never played a shamble before, but I liked it. Most outings have a four man scramble format. In a four man scramble, each player hits a tee shot. The best tee shot is selected and all the players hit from that spot. This continues until the ball is holed.

In a shamble, each a player hits a tee shot. The best tee shot is selected and all the players hit from that spot. So far, just like a scramble, but here’s where it gets different. After the best tee shot is selected, each player play his own ball from that spot until each ball is holed. Then the two lowest scores are added together and that becomes the team score.

The exception is for par fives. On par fives, you scramble for two shots and then play your own ball from there.

This format is supposed to be faster than a scramble, which are notoriously slow. The benefit of a shamble is that everyone putts his own ball. When everyone putts from the same spot, it slows things down. When everyone putts from a different spot, one player can be lining up his putt while the other player is putting. We played in five hours, which I think is faster than a Quarry Oaks scramble.

I lost only four balls – not bad. We scored 157, tied for 16th. The winners shot 137 and par is 142. Pretty sucky effort by our team, but a lot of fun. Tim, my cart partner, doesn’t smoke or drink. After I heard the stories of his heroic quitting, I couldn’t stop thinking of that Adam Ant song. Another guy in our foursome is named Tata Machado. He’s a dentist, a heck of a good golfer, and nice guy. I wish I had known him before I selected Walnut Grove dental. He’s moving his office to 141st and Pacific, by Ted’s cigar shop.

I know what your thinking: Wasn’t it f*cking cold outside yesterday? Yep, it was.

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