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Take Back the Beep

August 21, 2009

David Pogue says that cell phone companies are ripping you off.

Suppose you call my cell to leave me a message. First you hear my own voice: “Hi, it’s David Pogue. Leave a message, and I’ll get back to you”–and THEN you hear a 15-second canned carrier message.

They’re billing you for that 15 seconds in a fiendish plot to make money. Those bastards. I’m not so sore about the money as I am about them wasting my time. Every time I have to listen to that message it pisses me off.

So David started a crusade to get those coniving cell phone companies to allow us to turn off that message. That’s right, the same companies who have terrible phone menus, crappy hardware, long contracts with onerous terms, and a total lack of regard for their customers, he wants to do something decent. Good luck. He seems to be making progress, though. Read his updates here, here, and here. He includes information on how to join the fight by complaining to your cell provider.

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