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New Diet

August 14, 2009

nataliedee.comWhile on vacation this past July I gained six pounds.  That may not sound like much, but when you are short every pound is noticeable.

Just in case you’re wondering, I am 5 feet 2 inches or 157.5 cm tall.

The Daily Dose of Excel posted this crazy diet idea:

From Philip Greenspun

You draw a line from the current weight/date to the desired weight/date. Every morning you weigh yourself and plot the result. If the point is below the line, you eat whatever you want all day. If the point is above the line, you eat nothing but broccoli or some other low-calorie food.

Of course I am trying it!

My starting weight was 137.5 lbs (17 Kg) and my goal weight is 120 lbs (9 Kg). Here is what my chart looks like today.  Only once have I had to eat a low calorie food.  I had oatmeal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


What I wanted to do was make a copy of this chart and place it in the side bar.  However, I can’t figure out how to do it with Worpress.  😦

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  1. August 14, 2009 9:03 am

    I don’t think you can get the live chart up on the sidebar, but if you can get a little picture of it, you can add add a picture in a text widgetk

  2. August 14, 2009 8:34 pm

    Interesting theory – I can’t wait to hear the results.

  3. Debbie permalink
    August 17, 2009 6:28 am

    You know I’m going to try it, I try everything to loose weight. Good Luck Sister!


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