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Broke And Alone

June 30, 2009

As parents we try to do the best we can to raise a descent, loving and responsible human being. One of the ways we try to teach Andrew responsibility is with money. We pay Andrew $15 to mow the lawn. He gets extra cash for tougher jobs he does around the house like pulling dandelions. He does not get paid for cleaning his room, the bathroom, dishes, windows or anything inside the house.

We encourage him to put half of what he earns in the bank. He can do what ever he wants with the other half.  Today he wanted to go swimming. Here is the conversation on the ride home from the pool.

Andrew: Mom, Kamryn and Nate think it’s stupid that you made me pay with my own money.
Me:  Oh, yea?
Kamryn:  Ya, why do you make him do that?
Me:  I’m just trying to teach him how to manage his money. It’s better to learn earlier than latter.
Nate:  That’s just stupid!
Me:  No, it’s not stupid. If he learns now, hopefully when he’s older he won’t be broke.
Kamryn:  Ya, maybe when he’s 40 he will be rich.
Andrew:  Ya, and not broke.
Kamryn:  Brett Favre is rich.
Nate:  So was Michael Jackson.
Me:  He was rich. He died broke and alone.
Nate:  No he didn’t! He died of a heart attack!

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