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Thanks Fran

May 9, 2009

I received this beautiful bouquet from my sister for Mother’s Day.


Awesome, it looks so yummy. The chocolate covered strawberries are just calling out to me. I take the cellophane wrapper off, take a few pictures and dig in. Five minutes later the delivery guy comes back and tells me he gave me the wrong bouquet. Both bouquet’s had my name on them. Apparently, I am only supposed to have one, the large not the small. Well shit! What am I supposed to do? I all ready started eating it!

The delivery guy has to call his boss and find out what to do. I could hear her yelling at him. Poor guy! It wasn’t his fault. He is just the delivery guy. I so wanted to reach through the phone and choke her. Seriously, they are the ones that messed up by putting my name on both. I finally told him to tell his boss I would keep the small as long as they reimbursed by sister for the cost difference. They agreed and I continued on with my day. (I’ll wait till Monday to follow-up)

I on the other hand am the worst sister/daughter ever! I didn’t even manage to get anyone a damn card. Worthless I tell you, I am, I am!

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  1. May 9, 2009 2:31 pm

    How cute!

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