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I am Lion

May 7, 2009

I was just sitting giving myself a bath when out of nowhere my pet Andrew picked me up and started spinning me in circles. WTF? I thought I was going to be sick. My poor head started pounding. I swear a little bit of puke came up. All I wanted was for the room to stop spinning.

He must be some sort of magician because I know I saw two of him.

The little shit kept jumping over my head. With every jump, I could feel my heart beating faster. My breath getting deeper. My lip started to quiver. I growled hoping he would leave me alone. But no, the kid would not quit. I wanted to rip his freaking head off!


I waited for the right moment to attack. Yea! I left him crying. Stupid ass should know better by now. After I finished my assault I rubbed up against him several times. I needed to make sure he knew that he belonged to me.

He is mine, all mine!

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