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Why Do Worms Surface After It Rains?

April 19, 2009


Many believe the reason worms surface after it rains is otherwise they would drown when their holes filled with water. This is not true, worms don’t have lungs. Here is what The Straight Dope had to say:

Worms do not drown when it rains. . . . Worms of all kinds are highly susceptible to dessication [drying out]. They breed when it rains. They come out of the ground to find each other and to lie side by side in a mating posture, a difficult thing to do in the confines of their burrows. The only time earthworms can safely come to the surface to breed is when the ground is thoroughly soaked.

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  1. April 19, 2009 3:08 pm

    We were just talking about the worms this morning and of course I told RK, they come out because their holes fill up with water, now I know!!

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