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Our Trip Day 1 Sunday

April 7, 2009

6:o5 Scheduled departure

6:06 Flight delayed due to weather, plane needs deicing

7:30 Leave Omaha

8:45 Arrive in Dallas

8:50 Flight to San Diego missed

8:55 Got to witness 300+ American Soldiers de-plane from Iraq. (That was super cool, I actually had emotions pop up that I didn’t even know I had.)img_5352

10:40 Flight scheduled to leave Dallas for San Diego

10:41 Flight delayed….have no freaking reason why

11:30 Leave Dallas

12:00 Met one of the oldest living survivors of Pearl Harbor plus he was celebrating his 100th birthday.

12:30 Pacific time 2:30 Central, we finally arrive in San Diego

12:45 Step outside of the airport, the sun was shinning and it is absolutely beautiful here.

The rest of the day was very leisurely, we went to Pacific Beach walked around for a bit. I’ve been to PB several times and I had never seen it as busy.

Came home tried to connect to the internet and managed to crash my computer and my sisters. Spent the rest of the day visiting.

Chris serenading us.

Chris serenading us.

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  1. April 7, 2009 5:01 pm

    Seeing the soldiers had to be awesome! Chris is cute! I had no idea he was that old. Have a great time.

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