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March 25, 2009

Here are a few words that I have heard recently and had no freaking clue what the hell they meant? Words like bisnatch, butterface , minger, and NSFW? (That’s okay you can call me a retard.)

DK, to the rescue once again, lead me to the Urban Dictionay where I could get these words defined.

Here is an example that Debra K used the other day on her blog:


  1. A bitchy whore, although used to describe a guy who is neither bitchy or whoreish.
    A joking way to call someone a whore without being offensive.
    Oh no you didn’t, bisnatch!
  2. It is a mixture of a male bitch and an asshole.
    Don’t be a bisnatch.
  3. A person who displays characteristics which have been previously associated with small obnoxious dogs.
    I hate that bisnatch.
  4. Slang for business – also slang for cunt which is slang for pussy which is slang for vagina.
    None of your bisnatch. Stay away from my bisnatch.
  5. Good” business, the kinda business you wanna have, gives ya street cred.
  6. all up in this bisnatch
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  1. March 25, 2009 8:18 pm

    Holy Cow! RK said I can’t use that word any more because I HATE the C word!

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