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Score! I love free stuff!

March 13, 2009

bunkerToday after school Drew and I went to the gas station for a soda. When we entered there was a blonde chick standing next to a man with a clipboard. No big deal, I thought propbably taking inventory on the potato chips. I grabbed a coke and there was a coupon “Buy a 20 .oz Coke get a free Nestea tea……Yea! Free tea.

As I walked to the counter with my Coke and free tea the man with the clipboard stopped me.

” Would you be interested in free Ice Cream?”

“Free Ice Cream?”

“We’re from Blue Bunny and are testing some new Ice Cream bars. We want to know what people think. If you answer just a few questions we will give you a $10 gas card.”

“Free gas?”

“Yes, it will only take about 5 minutes.”

“Free Ice Cream and Free gas? Heck ya, I’ll taste your Ice Cream.”

I called Drew over. He had just finished mixing his concoction of soda, Diet Mountain Dew, Diet Wild Cherry, Diet Coke and Vanilla flavoring. (Gross, I know)

We were handed a regular sized Vanilla Fudge Swirl Ice Cream treat. Inside were 2 blocks of Ice cream, each about 2 square inches and 1 inch thick. We ate the Ice Cream and answered their questions about size, price, volume etc… The only thing we did not like about them was they were to big to put the whole think in your mouth. You had to take bites and we ended up with Ice Cream all over our hands. It got messy.

The last question was what we thought of the names they were thinking of for these little squares.

  • Bubba Bites (I did not like this name, reminded me of Kentucky folk, Drew on the other hand liked the name said it was easy to remember)
  • Break Point (WTF? I didn’t get what this had to do with Ice Cream)
  • 3 Square ( The squares were about 2 inches, no way in hell where they 3 inches. I don’t know what the significance of the “3” was. I didn’t like this name either)
  • Ice Cream Sliders (Best name out of the bunch)

The man gave me a gas card and my reply was…

“Drew gets free Ice Cream and I get gas!” It was to late to take it back, I had all ready said it…..the girl behind the counter and the blonde started laughing.

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