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The Mess

March 12, 2009

DK#1(Debbie Kusleika) asked me who got to clean the oven after DK made jerky. It was a great question and I have a story to tell that goes along with it.

I started our self cleaning oven and then went to help Drew comb his hair. When I got back to the kitchen it was filled with smoke. Crap! I turned on the fan and opened the door…mind you it was colder than shit outside. I think the temperature was around 15 degrees. The smoke wasn’t going anywhere. I realized the air was not circulating through the house, so I opened the front door.

When I got back to the kitchen there was a fire in the oven. I assume it was the grease. It was a small fire so instead of turning the oven off I watched it. The fire grew bigger and bigger. The flame inside the oven was about 8 to 10 inches tall.

By this time I was thinking is this fire big enough to actually start the whole stove on fire? How do I put it out? Should I open the oven door and throw water on it? Maybe I should just turn the oven off.

Well me being me….I left it alone. I just watched it. I know I should of been more worried about it, but I figured how else is the grease supposed to burn? The flame flickered for about 10 minutes then went out. As for the smoke it took a little over an hour to clear.

I’m starting to think I should just stay out of the kitchen all together.

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