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Disgusting Food

February 10, 2009

5 Most Disgusting Foods Ever

1. Scorpion Kebabs – Apparently crispy on the outside smooth on th inside.

2. Durian Fruit– Tastes like almonds, smells like rotting corpse – oh, yum!

3. Casu Marzu Cheese – Sheep’s milk cheese infested with larva – that’s right….maggots!

4. Tripe – Cow’s stomach, I’ve actually tried this stuff in Menudo. (Mexican, hangover food) To me it feels like a giant super slippery lugi with fur – it is repulsive, my brother on the other would not agree, he loves the stuff.


5. Kopi Luwak Coffee– the Asian Palm Civet eats coffee beans…..but doesn’t digest them all. See where I’m going? That’s right- he poops them out someone picks them up and brews them, then sells the coffee for up to $50 per cup.

Now if you will excuse me I need to go vomit!

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