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Exercise – What is The Bare Minimum?

February 9, 2009


Debbie K and Michele both posted this last week about their near death experiences due to exercising. Both of them mentioned heart monitors and personal trainers and time, lots of time. Dang, I am not even in the same ball park. I might exercise 3 times a week for about 20 minutes at a time.

Of course this peeked my curiosity and I wanted to know…what is the least amount of exercise a person needs to be healthy?

According Yahoo’s Healthy Living the answer may surprise you.

What number did you guess? An hour a week? A half hour? Try seven minutes.

Here’s the catch: The exercise has to be vigorous. (We’re talking on the level of an all-out sprint.) But at seven minutes a pop, I can deal with that! And you don’t even have to do those seven minutes all at once, either. In the study, volunteers rode exercise bikes four times a day in 30-second spurts twice a week. After two weeks, subjects had a 23 percent improvement in how effectively their body cleared blood sugar from their bodies.

Certainly something to thing about!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Debbie Kusleika permalink
    February 10, 2009 9:06 pm

    Sweet!!! I have 7 minutes of sex a day, so I’m good! Screw (no pun intended) the working out.

  2. nancyk5000 permalink*
    February 11, 2009 8:29 am

    re: Debbie K

    You are so bad!

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